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A real life LEGO Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimted

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When I started the project to rebuild my Wrangler from LEGO bricks I always thought about the tires and rims. Madocca1977 used Arocs wheels for his creation. His two door Wrangler was my starting point.

A question of tires

I felt the wheels are to ordinary. The diameter is ok, but in the end I used wider ones. See the last post.

Now I think they are to big. Even with the wider fenders. Not very realistic. This is ok for show cars, but not for a daily driver.

Big, bigger, biggest. Hmm.

So I returned back to Arocs rims and tires. LEGO doesn’t have black 86652 rims. I painted them. Trust me, the grey once looking bad on this model. Yes, really. Also painted the tire a bit. You will quickly see why.

Moderate tires, non lifted version

As you know, the chassis was originally inspired by rm8. Heavily modified.

The thinner tires allowed me to lower the chassis. Sound strange, but it is so. It’s now on a level as in reality. And I could use a different steering bar as rm8 used.

Because of this I got a lot more room in the front section so that the springs now working without a stop. And I was able to add a better underride barrier. Looks a lot better from the front because you can’t see the complete differential anymore. See the last picture above.

Further, compared to the first version, some more grey parts were removed from the bottom. And two control arms are mounted different. Maybe you can spot it, see the older pic. Here is the result, black LEGO as it’s best:

A view from the bottom

The wheels now fit nice into the fenders, which are now 1,5 studs wide. The front axle lost the Panhard rod, it didn’t fit anymore, so the front axle is not that stable as before. It’s ok, only ok, maybe I find a better solution.

Here it is, compared to the real one. In the meantime the stickers are moved to the center of the door. I would say that the dimensions do fit. It’s summer, the hardtop is not installed.

Real vs LEGO

Then the model got a hook for a trailer. It was nearly finished and I looked for something else to do.

From the rear, with a hook installed

„Something else“

That „something else“ was my trailer. A cheap small device.

Unusual small tires, my little trailer

It took me a while to get the proportions right. The height is still a problem in this scale, either it’s to high or to low. I finally used the „to low“ version:

A simple LEGO trailer

The tires are awful. I know. Please give me a hint for better once.

More or less I had to modify a part. The cover isn’t LEGO at all. But it looks like the real thing. You can even open the back.

Backdoor open

I will add some more pictures to the gallery below. Here is a final one, both models combined. Yes, the real thing looks so.

An off road trailer 😉

Yesterday I tested the R/C functions again. The batteries were dry, that was no fun. Anyway, the chassis of Madocca1977 has way more offroad capabilities and goes to hills where the chassis by rm8 never will go. But that’s not the point here. That car looks like my Jeep Wrangler.

Maybe I create a YouTube video of all the models showed here. And I will for sure do a photo which compares the model with the real one including the trailer. This time with the roof lowered. Like the other picture I did. The one without the trailer. I hope it will look nice.

Modified and unusual parts

This model still uses some modified parts:

  • The cut axles from the previous one went from the back axle to the front
  • The chromed parts like the wheel caps, the differentials and the 3L universal joints
  • The rims are painted black. LEGO mades them only in light blueish grey.

And, as always, some more expensive parts:

  • Thins liftarms are always a little expensive. I used two 1×7 one in black, for the footboards. And a lot of 1×2, 1×3, 1×4,1×5 and 1×6.
  • Once I got one 43093. Nothing special you say. That part is an „Axle pin with friction ridges“. But in black! You know them, in blue, only in blue, every-time in blue. And a lot of them in blue. Now it holds the antenna.
  • Black 5 x 7 liftarms are also not very common.

It took me several tries to get the cover for the trailer right. One was to short, the other was to low. The last once are enforced with steel wires to keep the shape.


Finally a small gallery with some more impressions.

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