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Toyota Bandeirante made from LEGO bricks

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A present for my wife

This is the final result. I made only one change after I gave it to her

How it began …

One and a half year back, it was autumn 2017, I found on Rebrickable the MOC-8863 made by Madoca1977. It’s a R/C controlled two door Jeep Wrangler. I’ve bought some LEGO set on eBay as a foundation. Then the remaining bricks from Bricklink. The car is now made with a black body. It got a couple of my own modifications, including bigger tires. The two door variant is nice, but as I have the four door model I will change it to that later.

Jeep Wrangler – Early picture with still some parts not in black

In the next few months I bought and builded a lot of other LEGO models including the large R/C controlled yellow excavator. I bought the R/C controlled Volvo L350F from Lepin, modified the steering using two small actuators. And so on. I even tried the Mk I tank from the Polish manufacturer Cobi. Pretty nice model.

Toyota Bandeirante

My wife’s parents, when she was a young women, owned a Toyota Bandeirante in Brasil. And she came up in January 2019 and ask me if I can create her one from LEGO bricks. Again in Rebrickable I found a nice MOC, MOC-2769 by creator Rm8. The MOC is a R/C controlled Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The FJ40 is very similar to the Toyota Bandeirante.

Before I will continue and show you the modifications I did in detail I like to say some words about MOC-2769 and his creator. You can find the excellent build instructions on This PDF file is really great. Rm8’s real name is Egor Karshiev, on YouTube he has his own channel, and he is active on various other side in the NET. Egor, thanks for this great model.

Did I mentioned that the car of my wife’s parents was white? Pretty expensive color when using LEGO technic bricks. But doable. Here is the result:

In the old times…

Design goals and what I changed

You see the color of the original car: White! That was the major design goal. Make it white and get rid of all coloured pins and axles. It looks pretty awful if you can see red and blue spots between white bricks.

Second goal was to smooth the model, get rid of some sometimes nasty visible technic holes. An example are the bumpers and the side rails, along with the gap between the front hood and the side walls:

Original FJ40 model, images from the manual by Rm8
Bandeirante in white, reduced gaps and holes, no colourful pins

Another example, multiple gaps on the roof are gone. To remove the thin gap in the front part, near the rear edges of the large tile, I had to use a pretty expensive piece: A white thin technic liftarm, 1×5, with only holes.

Left the original roof (image from the manual), right you can see my changes

During the build I encountered that there are a number of bricks not available in white. Or they are but pretty expensive. White bushes (instead of the common light bluish grey ones) are expensive. As a tip: They can be exchanges in a lot areas by 1L tubes. They are by far not so valuable and do look better.

Beside minor optical differences the main difference between the Bandeirante and the FJ-40 is the back door. It’s only one on the Bandeirante, mounted on the right rear site. For sure, that has to so for my model, too. And it took me some time to get it done, including the number plate holder. Again, I tried to make it as smooth as possible using technic bricks. One advantage is now that the door is mounted with two hinges. Far more robust:

Original FJ40 model, images from the manual by Rm8
One door at the back

More images at the end in the gallery.

I further changed the seats, especially the back ones. The front ones are modified as well, now there is room for three people. You can’t see that good on any of the pics here, sorry.

There is also an old photo from the back

The chassis isn’t modified at all except that I replaced a lot of red axles and blue pins. Further some bricks are used in a different color, mainly black instead of light bluish grey.


To be honest I had to modify two groups of pieces a little bit. And two pieces are not available from LEGO:

  • I cut the axles holding the rear wheels. Compare the result with the original model or the Jeep above. In my eyes it looks not very nice when they are poking so far out.
  • The rims are painted white. It’s a display model for my wife and it should look very similar. The rims where in white color on the original car. LEGO don’t made them or ever has made them in white.
  • The 2×2 round tile used for the headlights is not available from LEGO in trans clear. This piece is not a LEGO brick.

Everything else is plain LEGO, no other vendors.


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